Modern contact lenses offer clear vision, comfort and convenience at an affordable price
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Contact Lenses provide spectacle wearers with an alternative in eyewear.

They are particularly popular with those who have an active lifestyle or who wish to have an alternative "look" for that special occasion. They also give you the freedom of expressing your eyes without the restriction of wearing spectacles, and no one will notice you wearing them.

Contact lenses are comfortable to wear and because they follow your eye movements, you will have clear vision wherever you look, unlike spectacle lenses, which can cause distortion when not looking straight ahead. This makes them ideal if you are a dedicated sports player or gym enthusiast!

Check the additional pages of this site for the specific type of lenses you require.

Why Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses can make a real difference to your life. Anyone who wears glasses knows that having the option to be without them for some of the time is fantastic. Not only do you benefit from all round vision, the freedom to play sports or the flexibility to have a different look - but no one need know you’re wearing them!

Contact lenses offer you clear vision, comfort and convenience. Advanced technology means that more people than ever are able to enjoy the benefits of contact lenses - and there is almost certainly an option to suit you.

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